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Check the surveillance camera on your mobile phone

Everyday we use mobile phones. The phone has become a necessary attribute for everyday use, which is essential not only to call, but also as a means of entertainment, watch, organizer, phone book. With the emergence of new technologies related to remote video transmission, the security industry has been able to take advantage of this new product. Thanks to Internet and mobile messaging, it has made it possible to watch surveillance cameras from anywhere in the world without being dependent on a particular location. One of the new features available in today’s DVR is the ability to remotely connect through an operator 3G/4G mobile phone network (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) to the video surveillance system.

The demand for this service has grown in recent years throughout the world. Thanks to it, video surveillance over the Internet has become a useful monitoring tool that allows any user, without having to buy a PC, be informed about the events that take place at any time and anywhere. The use of video surveillance over the Internet places the security system at a completely different level, usually unattainable by older VCRs or DVRs of previous years. Running the Remote Viewer program on your mobile phone, for example, on a business trip, allows you to view the broadcasts of the rooms in your apartment or home. On holidays, you can easily connect and check your car from the parking lot. This information is necessary to react quickly to any contingency. It will make you more confident in your safety and give you a sense of security no matter where you are.

Thanks to a mobile phone or laptop, video recordings from surveillance cameras can be processed and stored. Videos can serve as a means of proof in a variety of controversial situations. Now you will know who comes to you in your absence or what the service staff does in your office or home.

If you are already thinking of installing a video surveillance system for you, and the cost of the DVR will be one of the determining factors in purchasing it – we advise you to invest money in the future because DVR with the possibility of video surveillance over the Internet will be very popular soon. Once you try this service, you are unlikely to give up its use in the future.