Information security/information protection - Media Security - Chisinau (Moldova)

Information security/information protection

Information is an important resource for any business. The rapid increase in its volume and the high degree of centralization of information make theft more than real. The loss of important information can cause significant damage to a company.

Our experts will assist you in establishing the list of protected resources, identifying the risks to information security, and propose appropriate ways to protect them, perform all the necessary work on creating and implementing a complex information security system.

“Media Security” offers its clients the following information security services:

  • Information protection in communication channels;
  • Techniques for finding information leak channels;
  • Special equipment;
  • Special printing and holography;
  • Communication and control systems;
  • IT Security;
  • Biometric information protection systems;
  • Consultancy and audit services in the field of information security, training;
  • Integrated security concepts (technical, physical, software).