Mobile team - Media Security - Chisinau (Moldova)

Mobile team

The main task of the rapid response group is to protect the life and health of clients, their family members, protect against property damage to the client or the property of the enterprise.

The mobile group is a fast reaction team made up of professional security guards, starting at the first alarm sound to prevent illegal actions.

Our company offers mobile teams equipped with all the means necessary to provide professional help in a particular situation, including cars, weapons, communications and personal protective equipment.

“Media Security” offers services for civil protection, public facilities, factories, shopping centers, transport, etc.


  • Affordable price;
  • High level of preparation of the rapid response groups;
  • Possibility to remotely monitor the status of protected objects 24/24;
  • Arrival at the “Mobile Protection Group Alarm” signal;
  • Technical service of fire and security systems.