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VIP Security

The field of protection of persons and objects also includes a wide range of services, including personal security. The bodyguard gains increasing popularity, as the number of threats to life is steadily increasing. The main objective of the bodyguard – prevention of threats to the protected person. Each bodyguard must possess psychological work skills, as well as quick reaction, to correctly assess the situation and make quick decisions.

Taking into account that the requirements for the bodyguard team are strictly individual to each client, we are prepared to offer more options that allow the bodyguard to perform their tasks but are totally different in their working style. At the same time, despite the considerable difference in work style, the bodyguard performs all the required tasks in a professional manner.

  • Discreet bodyguard. The main purpose of dissolving among the people who surround the client, without drawing attention to him. This bodyguard does not attract a foreign interest in the activity thereof, so only a very small circle of people knows about the real purpose.
  • Overt bodyguard. The main goal – the open personal security guard that serves as a warning factor and in many cases requires the attacker to modify his actions.

Professional guarantee of the personal security of VIPs, showbiz celebrities, representatives of business circles, as well as other persons on the territory of Moldova.

VIP Security Services from “Media Security” + Bodyguard Escort and Protocol

  • Receipts from railway station, airport, transport;
  • Hotel reservations, conference rooms;
  • Event management, translation, hosting team;
  • Providing a professional team for bodyguard and protocol actions;
  • Managers, coordinators, attendants;
  • Drivers, bodyguards, collectors, guards.

Own cars of “Media Security”: Mercedes S Classe, Cadillac Escalade.

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